Mercedes vs. BMW: Two of the Greatest


Without question, two of the most popular and cutting-edge German brands of cars are Mercedes and BMW. These luxury car brands began their rivalry over 100 years ago, and they continue competing against each other. When it comes to top-quality construction and engineering, both automakers keep on excelling in making high-quality luxury vehicles. BMW is a car, motorcycle, and engine manufacturing company founded in 1916 in Munich. Mercedes is a truck, luxury cars and bus manufacturing company founded in Stuttgart. Both of them are considered to be of high-quality and powerful and are the first choice of consumers all over the world. Let’s take a closer look at some common features and compare the two rivals.


If one decides to spend a large amount of money on a vehicle, they would expect it to be safe and reliable. Both of these brands will come up to your expectations in this area because both of them have above-average ratings when it comes to reliability.


Safety is another thing one must take into consideration when buying a car. These two companies gain a perfect score for safety, in most cases 9 out of 10. A slight head start can be given to BMW since its BMW X3, and X5 are considered to be the safest vehicles today.


When it comes to small luxury cars, BMW’s models are without saying unbeatable. In luxury midsize cars, both manufacturers have perfect scores in performance. However, when it comes to SUV’s, BMW is high above Mercedes with its BMW X3 and X5 scoring 9 out of 10 in performance.


Regarding equipment, both manufacturers try hard to meet the needs of their consumers and to live up to their expectations. Each brand designs well-equipped vehicles with only small differences. If you are more of a sporting type, then your choice should be BMW. On the other hand, if you’re looking for comfort, then Mercedes should be your first and only choice. Some of the basic equipment included in cars of both brands is Bluetooth connectivity and climate control. Mercedes C63 equipment involves LED lights, 19-inch wheels, 360-degree parking camera, tire pressure monitoring system and head-up display. BMW M3 has unique rear guards, view cameras, Head-up Display, LED lights and lightweight carbon-fiber roof.


Aside from performance and safety, what we all look in a car is an attractive interior. Mercedes takes the lead in luxury small and midsize cars. On the other hand, BMW is undoubtedly a winner in large luxury cars. In the end, it is all a matter of personal preference and taste.